Lunar Presence (2020)

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The Birth of St David (2019)

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AfterBirth (2017)

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Rehearsals for a Birth Story (2017)

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caesura (2017)

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The Raven in the Woods (2014)


Giving Birth to Maternal Subjectivity: Narrative Rhythm and Caesura in an Autobiographical Practice of Birth Story-telling

PhD Thesis (2017). Aberystwyth University.

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Participatory Arts and Mental Well-being in Times of Rapid Change

July 2020. Wales Arts International.

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Performance & the Maternal – interview

2018. By Dr Lena Smic & Dr Emily Underwood-Lee

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erasure – Live Art & Motherhood

2016. A Study Room Guide on Live Art & the Maternal by Dr Lena Simic & Dr Emily Underwood-Lee. Live Art Development Agency.

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Sacred Birth


Lucy H. pearce

Contributions  to:

Creatrix (2019) and Burning Woman (2016)

Structural Editor for:

Creatrix (2019), Medicine Woman (2018), Burning Woman (2016)