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A new world

As I was dozing off Sunday afternoon I had a vision – I could see a beautiful, vast, wild landscape, could have been grassy duneland or open common. In the far distance the sea. This was totally linked to having a new print of Georgia O’Keefe’s ‘Pink Moon over Water’ on my wall this week! […]

Where is Love?

Where is Love? Perhaps the song ‘Where is Love?’ from Oliver is familiar to you – the young orphan boy who dreams of being loved one day. From a child’s perspective I can understand this and most of us have had fantasies as children of the love and life we want one day. When did […]

From the Darkness

I am coming to the end of my 5 day movement retreat, and towards the end of my training with my teachers Joan Davis and Julia Gombos (Original Nature). Since 2017, I have been travelling to Ireland to the very special Gorsehill for these sessions. Now, I connect to the group through a screen from […]