From the Darkness

I am coming to the end of my 5 day movement retreat, and towards the end of my training with my teachers Joan Davis and Julia Gombos (Original Nature). Since 2017, I have been travelling to Ireland to the very special Gorsehill for these sessions. Now, I connect to the group through a screen from my bedroom in a valley in south Wales. For the last 4 years while my life has been utterly transformed, the depth of connecting with other bodies has sustained me deeply…. the way I relate to other people has changed beyond recognition.

Through the practice of Authentic Movement…

I step into the emptiness, the unknown, again and again.

I drop into my body, my tissues, my organs, my cells and I learn their language of sensation.

I find another body to rest into and I feel nourished and safe.

My heart is soft and open.

From the darkness

Dropping into this ocean in your arms took courage.
Closing my eyes and sinking below my surfaces,
past my barrage, took time.
But each time, letting go became easier,
Like I was learning to free dive,
Swimming further down into the darker waters
where no light shines.
And you were there, your warm body, the rope
I could keep hold of as I sank down,
My limbs growing lighter with each descent,
The darkness all around me,
But the light now shining from within me.
I look around me into this deep underwater world,
holding on to my rope,
And although I can’t see anything,
I know that everything is possible.